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Depilation basically means “removing hair”, and there are many hair removal methods that you may want to try. Let’s take a look at the most common ones: Depilation Procedures Shaving – Shaving is the simplest method of hair removal, as you are basically using a razor blade to cut all the hair. The most common tools for this job are the disposable razor or the safety razor. The electric [...]
No No Hair Removal
No No Hair Removal is an interesting new device that has become very popular in recent years, and its popularity is due to the fact that it appears to be both effective and easy to use. It claims to avoid any of the skin damage that laser can cause, and although not as fast and completely permanent like electrolysis, it is far less painful. It may actually be one of the best hair removal methods, so [...]
Safety Razor
Using a safety razor Using a safety razor is one of the best ways to get a close shave, and you will find that a good razor will work so much more effectively than any shaver for facial hair removal. However, they also take a bit of practice to get right.  Contrary to its name, this razor, if used improperly it can cut you, so it is important that you learn how to use it the right way. Here you will [...]
Tria Laser Hair Removal
Are you looking to remove uncomfortable or unpleasing body hair with ease and efficiency? The Tria laser hair removal device is the only laser that allows you to permanently remove unwanted body hair in the comfort of your own home. The revolutionary Hair Removal Laser uses exclusive technology to perform the same treatment that professionals use. However it costs a lot less. You can see fantastic [...]
Electric Razor
The electric razor is probably the best device that has been invented for men’s hygiene, as it makes it so much easier for guys with a lot of facial hair to keep their face nice and clean.  There are a number of different kinds of electric razors, and guys can easily find the device that works best for them.  There are some downsides to using an electric razor, but the truth is that the pros far [...]
Best Electric Shaver
Finding the best electric shaver for you is important, but the truth is that there are often too many options for you to easily choose from. If you are the kind of man that wants to get a good shave, an electric razor is one of the best options for you. However, finding which is the best electric shaver is a challenge, but there are a few models that are considered to be better than the rest: // [...]
Laser Hair Removal Cost
Laser hair removal cost has gone down in recent years, but the truth is that the cost of the laser hair removal still remains fairly high thanks to the fact that the machines that power the lasers are still very expensive. If you are considering permanent hair removal, however, laser hair removal is definitely one of the best choices for you – despite the high cost. Laser hair removal tends to [...]
Facial Hair Removal
Facial hair removal is very important for men and women alike, though most men find that a razor is the best way to go. However, women usually need to consider one of the other methods of removing facial hair, and this is where things get a bit tricky. Let’s look at some of the ways that women can remove their facial hair: Facial Hair Removal Methods 1. Shaving – This is better for men, as shaving [...]
Brazilian Wax
The Brazilian wax is quickly becoming the most popular waxing for the genital hair, especially when compared with the American of French waxing. However, it is also one of the most painful, as the genital region is one of the most sensitive spots on the human body – thanks largely to the fact that there are so many nerve endings near the pleasure areas. For this reason, you need to know what to expect [...]
Shaving Rash
A shaving rash is one of the downsides to shaving, and the truth is that nearly every guy and girl that has taken a razor to their skin knows exactly how painful it can be to get the red and irritated bumps that are the result of slicing off the top layer of skin. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to avoid shaving rash, so use the tips below to help you as you shave – [...]
Laser Hair Removal Side Effects
Laser hair removal has been considered to be one of the best methods of long lasting hair removal, and there are many different kinds of laser hair removal methods that can be used. However, as with all other forms of permanent hair removal, there is the chance that there will be laser hair removal side effects.  Hair naturally grows on your skin, so anything that prevents the hair from growing will [...]
Waxing is considered to be one of the most effective forms of removing hair from the body, especially by those that don’t want the hair to grow back thicker – such as on their face, genitals, or underarms. The bikini wax is one of the most popular forms of removing genital hair, though the Brazilian wax is becoming increasingly popular as men and women alike want to remove the “hair down [...]
Shavers are the best choice for facial hair removal for those who need to shave on the go, or who need to clean up their face more than five times a week. Rather than lathering up and putting a razor to your face every day, you will find that using an electric shaver will be the key to getting a nice close shave regularly and you also won't deal with the mess and clean up of a safety razor. It will [...]
Hair Removal Cream
For those who want to get rid of hair on a more permanent basis, hair removal cream seems to be one of the best of the cheap options. It may not be as effective at getting rid of hair that grows back very quickly – such as facial hair – but it will make it much easier for you to get rid of hair that takes a long time to grow back – such as pubic hair, underarm hair, leg hair, etc. // // Why [...]
Art Of Shaving
There is an art of shaving... There is something that people call “The Art of Shaving”.  The art of shaving comes in two forms.  The first, is the process of shaving itself.  For a facial shave, this could include a hot towel to soften the skin, shaving creams messaged into the skin, a possible repeat of this process along with proper technique in how a razor is used against the face.  This [...]
IPL Hair Removal
IPL hair removal – or intense pulsed light – is one of the most effective of the hair removal methods, and is considered to be one of the most versatile of the laser hair removal methods as well.  What happens is that a light is pulsed onto the skin, with the intention of burning the pigment from the hair. When the pigment is heated, the hair itself will burn, and thus the hair will be removed. // [...]
Permanent Hair Removal
Permanent hair removal is something that everyone wants, and many people go through the various method of hair removal in order to find the one that is the most permanent. We have all heard our friends tell us, “I tried this hair removal method and it worked so well!” However, everyone’s body is different, so it is important to find which hair removal method is the most permanent for you. The [...]
Shaving Cream
Almost all guys will use shaving cream at some point in their lives, at least when they are starting out learning how to shave. A good cream will help to make shaving a whole lot easier, though it will take some practice to get good at shaving. You may find that the shaving cream will clog your razor and make it difficult to see what you are doing, but the benefits of using shaving cream far outweigh [...]
Bikini Wax
The Bikini wax is also known as the American wax, and it means that any hair that could be seen if the woman was wearing a bikini is removed. This is due to the fact that many women find pubic hair peeking out from their bikini to be quite embarrassing, so bikini waxing has actually become one of the most popular hair removal treatments used by millions of women around the world. Bikini Wax - How [...]
No No Hair Removal Reviews
There are a lot of No No Hair Removal reviews online, but a lot of them have been written by people that are trying to sell the product –rather than give you a real estimation of the device.  Here we are putting up a review to help you find out as much as possible about the device, as well as to help you make up your mind about whether or not it is the best choice for you. Many No No Hair Removal [...]
Disposable Razor
Disposable razors made today are the ultimate quick fix for those looking for a fast shave and not having to worry about replacing blades.   While they are relatively cheap, they are also convenient.   Most airlines allow them as carry on but for the light traveler they can just be picked up at the next location.  The most common name brands are Gillette, BIC, Schick and Noxzema Shaving.  For [...]
Shaving Brush
Shaving brushes have fallen out of favor in the last 30 or 40 years, but now the shaving brush is coming back in style as more and more men are keeping their facial hair in the best shape possible. The brush is actually one of the best things that you can use in order to get a close shave, and you will find that these simple brushes are actually quite handy when it comes to shaving like a man. The [...]
Epilation has become one of the most popular hair removal methods, though only among women – there’s something about men’s hair that makes it really hard to epilate. The little epilator machines have become something that you see in just about every home around the world – homes that have women of course. Why Epilation? Women love epilation as a hair removal method because they can usually [...]
Electrolysis Hair Removal
Electrolysis hair removal has become one of the most popular methods of hair removal, and it has actually been around for more than 100 years.  There are many people that find that electrolysis is a much more effective method of removing hair than using a laser or epilator is, though the truth is that it can be a bit more painful – depending on the method of electrolysis hair removal that you try. Electrolysis [...]
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