There is an art of shaving…

There is something that people call “The Art of Shaving”.  The art of shaving comes in two forms.  The first, is the process of shaving itself.  For a facial shave, this could include a hot towel to soften the skin, shaving creams messaged into the skin, a possible repeat of this process along with proper technique in how a razor is used against the face.  This would all be followed by cleaning the face and messaging moisturizer into it. This process not only leaves an extremely smooth look but also reinvigorates the face.

The art of shaving however is  more than just a glorified way of removing all the facial hair that you don’t like, but it involves choosing the right hair style for your facial shape and personal style. There are a few people that like to break out of the mold, but below you will find some of the most popular facial hair styles that you can try to practice the art of shaving:

  • Light beard – For those that have a very square face, a big beard or a thick goatee will just look a bit strange. David Beckham is one such man with a square face, and everyone can agree that a light beard is the perfect choice for him. Just grow the beard long, trim it with a buzzer, and clean up the area around the mouth for a nifty hairstyle.
  • 5 O’Clock Shadow – This is a great hairstyle for men that have more rectangular or oblong faces, the long faces that will look even longer with the wrong facial hair style. Keeping the hair completely shaved will help to make the face look more proportionate, and will give that nicely scruffy look that the ladies love!
  • Clean Shaven – For many this is a preferred look and is simple to keep.  Some will add the hair to the bottom of the lip to style it up a little.  The clean shave also can give men a younger look by helping bring back that baby face.
  • The Goatee – The favorite of many celebrities.  It features a stylish but clean beard on the chin.
  • Stylized Beard – For guys with oval shaped or very round heads, the stylized beard is a good choice. This means growing a beard out, and then using the trimmer clip on the shaver to style the beard into thin lines around the mouth and jawline.

These are just a few of the facial hair styles that you can try, and perfecting the art of shaving will be an important, though arduous process.  As a man, your facial hair – or lack thereof – says a lot about you, to men as well as to the members of the opposite sex that you are trying to attract!   If you are interested watching how the perfect facial shave is done, check out this video of  Geno from Mr. Josephs Barber shop.  Video is actually quite mesmorizing.. This is how the Pro’s have it done….