Finding the best electric shaver for you is important, but the truth is that there are often too many options for you to easily choose from. If you are the kind of man that wants to get a good shave, an electric razor is one of the best options for you. However, finding which is the best electric shaver is a challenge, but there are a few models that are considered to be better than the rest:

What is the best electric shaver?

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

The Braun brand is a good one, though the price tag is a bit higher than some of the other shavers on the market. This shaver comes with technology that uses vibrations to help you get a close shave, and the vibrations actually help the shaver to get more of the hair for as close a shave as possible. The shaver also comes with three settings that you can use for a personalized shave, and the shaving system is flexible and adapts to the contour of your face. The shaver will actually lift the hair that is lying flat, thus ensuring a close shave even in trouble spots like beneath your ears. The shaver is fairly loud, it takes a bit longer to get a close dry shave, and it is harder for you to clean, but the Auto-Clean feature makes it a dream to use!

Philips Norelco 7340 Men’s Shaving System

Philips is a brand that many men have come to trust, and this shaving system is one of the best of their brands. The good news is that the shaver is fairly cheap, meaning you won’t spend a fortune on it. It can be washed for a good clean once you are done, and the battery life is quite long! The Reflex Action System is the technology used to design the shaver, and it makes it easy for the shaving blades to adjust to your face’s contours as you go. The shaver heads will actually grip the hair, pull on it gently to lift it, and cut it as close to the skin as possible. The shaver can cut hair that is both short and long, as it comes with slots and holes for both lengths of hair. The downside to this shaver is that it doesn’t come with any bells and whistles, and there is no indicator to let you know when the battery charge is low.

Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver

This Panasonic shaver uses a triple foil shaving system to get a close shave, and the blades used for the foils are very sharp – giving you a nice close shave. The head pivots as you shave, allowing the blades to move along with the contour of your face for a precise shave. The shaver is a Wet/Dry device, meaning that you can shave while you shower without worrying about damaging the device. The motor is 13,000 RPM, fairly powerful for such a small device. There is a trimmer that makes it easy for you to trim and groom and sculpt, and the cleaning mode spins the blades incredibly fast to get rid of debris. It is designed to be used by those with delicate skin, and you will find that it is a great budget buy!

Although we consider these to be the best, they are also costly.  There are exceptional razors made today at different price points by all of the top name brands.  In the lower price range we found the Remington SR9130 to be an exceptional value for a price around $80.00.  Choosing the best electric shaver usually comes to how close of a shave you can get.  Of course price usually determines how much technology has gone into these units.