Disposable razors made today are the ultimate quick fix for those looking for a fast shave and not having to worry about replacing blades.   While they are relatively cheap, they are also convenient.   Most airlines allow them as carry on but for the light traveler they can just be picked up at the next location.  The most common name brands are Gillette, BIC, Schick and Noxzema Shaving.  For a pack of disposable razors one could expect to spend anywhere from $3.00 to $16.00 depending on the quality of the blade and the technology behind it.

Keep in mind that these blades are only designed for one to two uses although many people use them far beyond this point.  Razors with multiple blades of course will increase the life of the razor as the extra blades can act as a back up to the primary blades.  A short video is below with a fairly new idea on how to extend the life of your razor.

When it comes to eplilation, these types of razors tend to be better for woman because hair on the legs is not as course as a mans facial hair.  Some men have hair so course and in some cases swirling of the hair that it becomes undesirable to use a disposable razor and opt for a safety razor or straight blade instead.   This also dulls the disposable much faster for men than it does for woman. Also make sure with any devise using a blade that you lather with shaving cream or gel to soften up the skin and hair for a close, smooth shave.

disposable shaverDisposable Razor Options

  • Depending on what your willing to pay, these razors come typically come in single, double, triple and up to five blades per unit.
  • Blades can come stiff mounted or spring mounted with sensor to adjust for every detail or your skin for a very close, smooth and comfortable shave.
  • You can get them with or without the optional single or double moisturizing conditioning strips.  For men, these razors typically come with aloe moisturizers while for woman options from aloe to vitamin E are added.
  • Handle option range from straight plastic to rubber gripped and spring loaded.
  • Throw away razors can be purchased as complete units or have the options to just replace the shaving heads which are mounted to the handle.

Over the years, disposable razors have become much better with these options.  It may take a few tries to find the one that works best for you,  however when considering the options in price range to versatility for the best shave, these razors have become the choice for the masses.  There are other choices however when looking for a better way to shave.  The technology of products like the electric razor to the advent of the No No Hair Removal System has made getting a hairless face or body a much easier task for some.  Of course you have your more permanent options of laser hair removal, Electrolysis and IPL hair removal.