Epilation has become one of the most popular hair removal methods, though only among women – there’s something about men’s hair that makes it really hard to epilate. The little epilator machines have become something that you see in just about every home around the world – homes that have women of course.

Why Epilation?

Women love epilation as a hair removal method because they can usually do it while doing other things at the same time. For example, it is a common sight to see women listening to music or watching TV while epilating. This is because the epilator only requires one hand to operate, and it pretty much does the job all on its own.

This is another reason that women love epilators: they are quick and easy. The epilators have little coils or springs that pluck out all the hair on their legs, and all the women have to do is move the machine up and down their legs. It takes a bit of practice to get good with the epilator, but all in all it is a simple and effective method of depilation for ridding hair from all over the body.

EpilationA great thing about epilation is that it gets rid of the hair, and it ensures that the hair won’t grow back any time soon. Remember that epilation basically plucks the hair out by its roots, and so it takes a while for the roots to grow back before the hairs can ever begin to grow. However, plucking out the hair by its roots doesn’t damage the follicle, so the hair can grow back naturally and easily.

Now, a major downside to epilation is the fact that it is very, very painful – especially in the very tender spots. Epilating the pubic region, the underarms, and the face is not usually done, as it hurts a lot to do that. Even epilating the legs is painful at first, though it feels more like little needle pricks that most women get used to.

Epilation is also not as permanent as many women would like, though it is more permanent than shaving or using hair removal cream. Still, it is one of the best options for women, as it is cheap, quick and very easy!