Laser hair removal cost has gone down in recent years, but the truth is that the cost of the laser hair removal still remains fairly high thanks to the fact that the machines that power the lasers are still very expensive. If you are considering permanent hair removal, however, laser hair removal is definitely one of the best choices for you – despite the high cost.

Laser hair removal tends to be much longer-lasting than shaving or waxing, as the laser light actually helps to destroy the hairs. What happens is that the light targets the melanin in the hair, and the light is absorbed into the hairs. When too much light is absorbed, the heat from the light causes the melanin cells to overheat and die. The result is much more permanent hair removal, and much more quickly than other methods. Aside from Botox, this is the most common of cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S.

The great thing about the lasers is that they are very precise. It is the light that targets the melanin in the hair, so it gets the job done without affecting the skin around it. It only works for dark hair and light skin, as too much melanin in the skin can cause the skin to also be damaged. It can also work very quickly, as it covers large areas with every pulse and burns out the hair very quickly. The final thing that makes it so popular is that it is very permanent. Even when the hair grows back years later, some of the follicles are unable to grow hair again and thus the hair is thinner and sparser.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Breakdown

The cost of the laser treatment reflects the effectiveness of the procedure, and it is one of the most expensive of the hair removal methods. The average laser hair removal cost throughout the entire country is $429 – so the American Society of Plastic Surgeons will say. The truth is that there are a number of factors that will effect the overall cost:

  • Location – This means the location of the treatment in the country, not on your body.  Some of the states will be more expensive than others, and some cities will also have higher prices. You can, however, do research and find out where the laser treatments will be cheaper in order to find out if there is a nearby state or city you can go to get the treatment.
  • Technician – If a plastic surgeon is the one performing the procedure, the cost will usually increase due to the fact that the doctor’s time is more valuable than that of a technician. However, with a plastic surgeon, you can always be certain that the job will be done properly, so you have to decide if the laser hair removal cost is the most important factor.
  • Body Part – The part of your body where you will be getting treatment has a lot to do with the cost, as the larger body parts will obviously cost more. The average cost of removing the hair on your neck and face is roughly $600, while your legs will be more like $700. The bikini area will usually run around $500, while the underarms will often cost as much as $250.  Large areas like your back can range anywhere from $600 to $1000 depending on the thickness of the hair. The larger the body part, the higher the cost.
  • Treatments – Certain body parts will need more treatments than others, which will affect the price. Men usually need more sessions than women, as their hair is darker and thicker – thus making it more expensive for men. Those with lighter skin may also need more sessions, as the laser is less effective when the skin is very light.

When considering laser hair removal cost it is wise to keep one thing in mind.   If you choose to shop around, make sure you find a seasoned, licensed and board certified specialist.  The difference in cost is surely not worth any laser hair removal side effects that you could endure.