Shavers are the best choice for facial hair removal for those who need to shave on the go, or who need to clean up their face more than five times a week. Rather than lathering up and putting a razor to your face every day, you will find that using an electric shaver will be the key to getting a nice close shave regularly and you also won’t deal with the mess and clean up of a safety razor. It will reduce the risk of razor burn, and you can shave no matter where you are!  Another benefit of using these is the cost savings over time when compared to consistent purchases of a disposable razor.

Shaver Models

There are a number of different kinds and models that you can choose from:

  • Triple Foil – These devices are recommended for those that have very sensitive skin, as the three spinning foils will help to get a close shave without irritating the skin. Some even come with moisturizing lotion that softens your skin as you shave, and they are good for any kind of hair of any length or texture.
  • Double Foil – The double foil is the cheaper version of the triple foil, and but it will work better than a single foil shaver for getting coarse hair – especially if you have skin that is sensitive to razor burn.
  • Single Foil – This is the cheapest shaver on the market, and the single foil is only useful for guys that don’t need to worry about irritating their skin. They work to trim average hair, but they are nice and cheap!
  • rotary bladeRotary Blades – These shavers are considered to be some of the best around, as they have three rotating heads with blades to grip the hair, pull it, and cut it. They give a very nice close shave, and they can get a nice shave even behind the jawbone and around the chin. They last a long time, are very durable, and are the most popular.
  • Wet/Dry – These can actually be used inside the showers, as they have a case that protects the motor inside from any water getting in. They are usually a lot easier to wash off, and they even come with a special applicator that will moisturize your skin and apply shaving lotion as you are shaving in your shower. They are also the most expensive that you will find!

Below I have selected some video’s of the top selling shavers on the market today to get a good idea what is available to you.  Selecting the best electric shaver can bring many good years clean shaving your way.