A shaving rash is one of the downsides to shaving, and the truth is that nearly every guy and girl that has taken a razor to their skin knows exactly how painful it can be to get the red and irritated bumps that are the result of slicing off the top layer of skin. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to avoid shaving rash, so use the tips below to help you as you shave – the right way!

Tips to Prevent Shaving Rash or Razor Burn

  • Take a shower first. If you want to avoid razor burn or the rash from shaving, you will do well to loosen up and soften the skin before you shave. The hot water of a shower will help to do just that, and taking a bath is even better! If you can shave while you are in the shower, you will find that there is a much lesser risk of shaving burns.
  • Use a loofah to exfoliate your skin. Your skin is going to get razor burn if you have dead skin cells, as you will have to press a bit harder to get past them – that extra pressure slices off the top layer of skin. By using a loofah, you will get rid of the dead skin cells and leave your hairs nice and exposed for an easy, painless shave.
  • Change your razor to avoid razor burn. Many old razors will cause razor burn, as they are going to require more pressure to work thanks to their dull blade. Rather than settling for an old razor, if using a safety razor change the blade regularly or toss the old disposable razor to ensure that you don’t get the rash. Check the gel strip above your disposable razor to see if it’s time to change it.
  • Use shaving cream to soften your skin. Your skin is less likely to break out into a rash if you lather up your face, legs or whatever part of your body you plan to shave with shaving cream. Consider using a shaving brush to get the cream thoroughly lathered throughout the hair and skin.  Shaving cream works even better if you let it sit there for a short time before you begin.  It may be inconvenient to wait for a minute or so as the shaving cream works on these parts, but it will be the best way to reduce irritation or razor rash.  Make sure to use a cream that is good for your sensitive skin in order to avoid the rash.

Follow these steps to keep smooth silky skin and keep the shaving rash away.