Are you looking to remove uncomfortable or unpleasing body hair with ease and efficiency? The Tria laser hair removal device is the only laser that allows you to permanently remove unwanted body hair in the comfort of your own home. The revolutionary Hair Removal Laser uses exclusive technology to perform the same treatment that professionals use. However it costs a lot less. You can see fantastic results in fewer than three treatments and will never have to deal with shaving again!

Before buying the Tria system, you want to be sure that you can use the product. The Tria Hair Removal Laser works with all different skin tones, anywhere from white and ivory, to medium brown and black. However, the Tria Hair removal laser does not work on all different colors of hair. It will not function properly on any hair color that is not brown or black in color. This means that red, blonde, white, grey, and silver hair will not work with this device.  These colors simply don’t contain a sufficient amount of pigment in order to absorb the light of the laser. Even professional lasers cannot work with these hair colors.

Once you’ve purchased the Tria laser hair removal system, you can be comfortable knowing that you will never have to shave or wax again. When you receive the package in the mail, carefully unwrap the contents. There are three steps to using this hair removal device.

Tria Hair Removal Steps:

First, you want to prepare your skin for the laser treatment. You want to shave, clean, and dry your skin. The cleaner and drier your skin is, the more effective the laser treatment will work. Once you have the hair removal laser in hand you want to activate the power. Next, you want to carefully unlock the laser. There should be a small red light on the base of the device. You want to place it against your skin.

Second, you want to adjust the settings of the hair removal laser. When the laser is on your skin, you should feel some sort of sensation. For some, it only feels like a warm light is touching the skin. For others it can be more painful. If you do not like pain or are particularly sensitive to pain, you want to keep the treatment level very low, preferably around 1-2. If you are not feeling any pain or only a slight amount, you can increase the treatment level until you find the right treatment level. A higher treatment level usually results in better results.

The third and final step of the treatment is to apply the laser to your skin. Beforehand, you should have mentally pictured the area you want treated. Once you have found that area, you want to place the laser on your skin. Firmly hold the laser for several seconds. After a few seconds you should hear two beeps. After that, adjust the laser’s position to the next step spot you want treated. You also want make sure that you overlap the previous area by around a fourth of an inch.

Afterward, your skin might feel a little bit irritated. Several users have had their skin become slightly red; however this disappears within a day of the treatment.

After you have applied your first treatment, you should wait a day or more for your second treatment.  After your second treatment, hair growth rates should be substantially reduced. Following two months on treatment, you should see noticeable results. The area that received the treatment should have less hair regrowth and the hair should seem lighter.

After six months of treatment, you should have permanent hair reduction. You can continue using the laser if you want silky smooth skin, however you will never have to shave or wax again!

The Tria laser hair removal treatment has received rave reviews from users and customers. It has about a 4 star rating at, which is very positive. Many of the customers used it for facial hair removal and had great success!Also, almost 70% of users stated that they would recommend this product to friends, family members, and neighbors. The Tria laser hair removal system has received similar reviews on Amazon. It currently has a favorable three star average rating on Amazon with one hundred customers giving the product either a five or four star rating. It also has over 214 likes on Amazon.

Tria is also very affordable. Laser hair removal costs can easily be over $500 dollars or more if done at a clinic or office. It is also superior to the No!No! system because it is less time consuming. Also the No!No! system doesn’t lead to permanent hair removal and has low success rates.

The Hair Removal Laser has been recommended by a number of skin doctors and dermatologists. Carolyn Jacob, a certified dermatologist from Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatolgy, stated that the Tria Hair Removal Laser was built by the same engineers who created the lasers used by the office.

The Tria Hair Removal system has also been approved by Health Canada and has also been cleared by the FDA. Any product certified by both Health Canada and the FDA is almost certainly safe and effective. Its effectiveness has actually been tested and proved through evidence collected from a scientific experiment. It will lead to permanent hair removal.It is also very, very similar to professional laser hair treatments.

Still don’t feel comfortable purchasing the Tria Hair Removal Laser? Tria is so comfortable and proud of its product that it is offering a ninety day money back guarantee. This means there is no risk to the customer and you can always get your money back with a simple phone call or email. I hope you enjoyed this article about Tria laser hair removal.