The Brazilian wax is quickly becoming the most popular waxing for the genital hair, especially when compared with the American of French waxing. However, it is also one of the most painful, as the genital region is one of the most sensitive spots on the human body – thanks largely to the fact that there are so many nerve endings near the pleasure areas. For this reason, you need to know what to expect when getting the Brazilian wax.

The method of waxing began in 1987, in the city of New York. It was introduced by a family of 7 sisters that had been born in Brazil, hence the name “Brazilian wax”. While other forms of waxing leave some of the hair on the genitals, the Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from the entire region. The French wax calls for a landing strip to be left on the Mons pubis above the vulva, while American waxing is the traditional bikini wax that only gets rid of hair that would be seen if the woman were wearing a bikini. With Brazilian wax, everything has to go!

Brazilian Wax, how does it work?

The first thing you will do is go to the clinic or spa where the waxing will be done, and you will be asked to remove your underwear. Some spas use disposable underwear, but many just require that the woman gets naked.

Before the waxing can begin, the hair has to be trimmed. If the hair is too long, it can be quite painful to wax – it is being ripped out by the follicle after all. The trim will usually cut the hair down to a ¼ of an inch, though coarse hair will usually be cut to half an inch. If your pubic hair doesn’t meet these lengths, you will have to wait until it has grown sufficiently.

The specialist will usually apply talcum powder to stop the wax from adhering to your skin, and they will begin to apply the hot wax with the wooden spoon. After the wax has been applied, a strip of paper will be placed on top of the wax and pressed firmly into it. This will ensure that the paper is stick to the wax when it dries.

Usually the technician will cover large areas of wax and use large papers to wax big sections all at once, but it can be quite painful. If it is too painful, smaller sections can be removed using smaller paper, but this will take a bit longer.

The wax will be applied to not only the genital area, but also the perineum and around the anus and buttocks. The Brazilian wax means that all the hair comes out, and all of the sensitive areas near your genitalia are going to be quite painful. The good thing about using a spa to get it done professionally is that the technicians are usually fairly quick, so the pain is less than it would be doing it at home.

After the waxing is complete, tweezers will be used to pluck out any extra hairs that were not removed by the wax. Lotion is usually applied to help reduce any infections or swelling, and it can help to prevent any rashes or angry red bumps from developing. Using creams and moisturizers for the next few days after the waxing is not recommended, but there are certain lotions that are designed to protect the skin immediately after the waxing.

The best thing about a Brazilian wax is that you don’t have to worry too much about hair growing back too quickly in your genital region as with other forms of depilation, and it will be worth it if you can stand the pain.