no no hair removalThere are a lot of No No Hair Removal reviews online, but a lot of them have been written by people that are trying to sell the product –rather than give you a real estimation of the device.  Here we are putting up a review to help you find out as much as possible about the device, as well as to help you make up your mind about whether or not it is the best choice for you.

Many No No Hair Removal reviews will tell you that the device was given high ratings, and the truth is that it has garnered a whole lot of interest due to the fact that it is a unique hair removal system. The device is a simple one that heats up the hairs on your body, thus burning them and preventing the follicles from regrowing hair. This is a cause for concern for many, as they believe that it will burn their skin. The good news is that the device has a special protection built into it that will prevent skin burns.

Here’s our No No Hair Removal Reviews…

This is what we liked about the No No Hair Removal device:

  • There is no need to shave or wax anymore, as the hair removal device will get rid of the hairs pretty effectively.
  • The device is compact, meaning that you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • The hair removal process is free of pain, and you don’t need to worry about burning yourself thanks to the design of the device – which protects your skin and only focuses on your hair.
  • The device can be used to remove hair, no matter what the color – something that laser hair removal can’t claim.
  • There are no chemicals used to shave or remove hair, so there is no risk of your skin being irritated or filling your body with toxins.
  • Anyone with any complexion of skin can use the device, and light-skinned people will find that it will be as effective for them as for those with darker skin.
  • It works well on both men and women, and can be used to remove hair around tattoos – and all with no radiation.

Those are the good things, but don’t think that there aren’t drawbacks to using the device:

  • The smell of burning hair can be very unpleasant, and it will take time to get accustomed to the smell as you get rid of your body hair.
  • It takes a bit of time to learn to use the device, and it isn’t as easy to use as a razor or an epilator.
  • It takes a some time for the hair removal to work, as you will need to use it for weeks, even months in order to get rid of all the hair in a specific area.  Because hair growth works in cycles, repeating the NoNo process throughout each individual hair cycle is critical to completely inhibit further hair growth.
  • It is a fairly expensive device – which is to be expected from such an effective hair removal system.  Prices start around $169 for the older 8000 model and around $300 for the newer 8800 model.

It is a good choice for those who want to get rid of body hair, but who don’t mind waiting for it to work.  Our No No Hair Removal Reviews give the device a thumbs up when compared to the alternatives. If you have decided  NoNo is right for you, get it at our cheapest price at the link below as well as other similar items.