Shaving CreamAlmost all guys will use shaving cream at some point in their lives, at least when they are starting out learning how to shave. A good cream will help to make shaving a whole lot easier, though it will take some practice to get good at shaving. You may find that the shaving cream will clog your razor and make it difficult to see what you are doing, but the benefits of using shaving cream far outweigh the downsides of a clogged razor.

Why Shaving Cream?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why using shaving cream is such a good idea:

  • It reduces cuts – The fact that your skin is nice and soft means that it is more elastic, so you don’t have to press so hard with your razor to get a nice close shave. You will find that using less pressure when shaving means less chances of cuts, and your face will thank you!
  • It reduces razor burn – Razor burn happens when you cut off the top layer of skin, not so much that you bleed, but enough that your lower layers of skin get irritated. The shaving cream will act as a thin barrier that will prevent your razor from cutting off that top layer of skin, thus reducing irritation.
  • It nourishes your face – All creams have special nutrients that will infuse your skin with health and vitality, though you have to choose which nutrients you want most. The creams will often moisturize your face as well, reducing razor burn and leaving your skin nice and fresh once you have finished shaving.
  • Shaving Cream FoamIt softens hair – Many people have coarse hair, especially growing on their face, underarms, and other naughty regions of their bodies. This hair can be quite hard to cut when it is dry, but the cream will help to soften the hair and make it easier to cut with less effort.
  • It lifts hair – You will find that applying the shaving cream will help to lift the hair, as you will apply the cream in the opposite direction of your hair. This will make it easier to cut, as hairs that would normally lie flat along your face will be straightened.

There are many types and styles of shaving cream on the market today.  Most brands are inexpensive.  So try different brands to see what works best with your skin and shaving style.  Below is a short video on how to lather shaving cream that comes in a tube.  Enjoy.