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Depilation basically means “removing hair”, and there are many hair removal methods that you may want to try. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

Depilation Procedures

  • Shaving – Shaving is the simplest method of hair removal, as you are basically using a razor blade to cut all the hair. The most common tools for this job are the disposable razor or the safety razor. The electric razor is another great option but usually used by men. For the face, this is probably the best and cheapest method.  Disposable razors are commonly used for the genital and other tender regions, as there is no plucking or burning involved. Still, hair grows back fairly quickly, so it isn’t a permanent method of depilation.

  • Plucking – This is good for those that have to get rid of a few hairs, such as around the eyebrows, under the arms, etc. You are plucking hairs individually, so there is minimal discomfort – but it takes a long time!
  • Epilating – Epilating is basically plucking on a large scale, as it involves a machine that plucks out your hairs a bunch at a time. It can be a bit painful, though most people get used to the pain after a while. The machines are very cheap, making it one of the most economical methods of getting rid of hair.
  • Waxing – Waxing is a good choice for those that want to get rid of a lot of hair at once, such as the hair on the legs, back, etc. It can also be a good choice for getting rid of hair in tender areas, which is why the Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are so popular. It involves hot wax and a bit of pain, but it’s much less painful than you might expect.
  • Laser hair removal – This has fast become one of the most popular forms of hair removal, due mainly to the fact that the removal is about as permanent as it gets. However, the laser hair removal is very costly, and you will find that you will spend thousands of dollars to keep the hair on your body away. The results will last for a lot longer than any other method, but it may not be worth it if you want an economical hair removal method.
  • Electrolysis – One of the oldest and most permanent of all of the depilation procedures also happens to be one of the most expensive and painful.  This method basically uses a very tiny needle which is inserted into each hair follicle.  Heat with electricity or chemical, burns and destroys the follicle.  Unlike laser it tends to be far more permanent because there is less chance the follicle can ever grow back.

These are the most common, but you will find that there are many more forms of depilation, such as hair removal cream, IPL, sugaring, threading, and more!